Winners 2024

1. Automotive, Electrical or Electronic Product

Electrolux 900 Series, Electrolux AB

2. Building & Construction Product

RPS Skimmer, Fluidra

3. Household & Leisure Product

Blue Finn Chair, Bywyd B.V.

4. Plastic Packaging Product

Nivea Sun lotion bottle fully made of post-consumer recycled plastics, Beiersdorf AG & Morssinkhof Plastics Heerenveen B.V.

5. Product Technology Innovation

NextCycle IML™ decorated salt shakers for JOZO, MCC

6. Recycling Machinery Innovation

DischargePro technology for new melt filter series Laserfilter 2/356, Powerfil a Business Unit of EREMA Engineering Recycling Maschinen und Anlagen GmbH.

7. Plastics Recycling Ambassador

Erica Canaia, CEO, FIMIC

Vicente Olmos Jorge, CEO and Founder, SINTAC Recycling