Conference Programme

Day One - Conference Theatre One (Hall 12)

Official Opening
Way forward for Plastic Recycling in Europe

Moderated by: Ton Emans, Plastic Recyclers Europe's President and Director Group Recycling, Cedo Recycling B.V.

  • Ton Emans – Plastics Recyclers Europe’s President and Director Group Recycling, Cedo Recycling B.V.: The future of plastics recycling in Europe
  • Emmanuelle Maire, Head of Unit 'Circular economy, Sustainable Production and Consumption', DG Development, European Commission: Burning issues around EU plastic policy
  • Tom Hesselink, Partner Transaction Services & Private Equity, Simon Kucher: Plastic recycling: a beckoning perspective?
President and Director Group Recycling, Cedo Recycling B.V.
Plastics Recyclers Europe
Head of Unit ‘Circular economy, Sustainable Production and Consumption’, DG Environment
European Commission
Partner Transaction Services & Private Equity
Simon Kucher
Closing the Loop: Circular Material Solutions for Engineering Plastics (PC, PMMA, ABS, PS)
Global Sustainability Business Development Manager

PET Recycling Focus Session

Moderated by: Casper van Den Dungen, Plastic Recyclers Europe's Vice President and Group Business Development Recycling Director, Resilux

  • Helen McGeough, Senior Analyst and Global Analyst Team Lead, Plastics Recycling, ICIS: European PET recycling market: state of play and trade dynamics
  • Aron Damen, Director Recycling, Cirec: Tray-to-tray recycling
  • Jean-Emile Potaufeux, Technical Manager, Plastics Recyclers Europe: RecyClass: standardising design for recycling for PET packaging
Senior Analyst and Global Analyst Team Lead, Plastics Recycling
Director Recycling
Technical Manager
Plastics Recyclers Europe
Ready, Reset, Go! - Advanced Technologies to Maximise Plastics Recycling
Head of Technology Commercialisation, Chemical Recycling

PPWR: Catalyst for Plastics Recyclability

Moderated by: Paolo Glerean, RecyClass' Chairman and Head of Sales and Marketing, Aliplast Spa

  • Nico van de Walle, Product & Circular Economy Manager, Multi-color Corporation: NextCycle IML, for those who prefer a PPWR-carrot rather than a stick
  • Kris Renwick, Corporate Sustainability Pack Strategy Manager, Reckitt: Clarity in compliance: How PPWR helps create better focus around recyclability
  • Fabrizio Di Gregorio, Technical Director, Plastics Recyclers Europe: RecyClass testing & certification
Product & Circular Economy Manager
Corporate Sustainability Pack Strategy Manager
Technical Director
Plastics Recyclers Europe
Strategies for Building a Bankable Advanced Recycling Facility Using De-Risked Technologies
Operations & Industrialisation - Plastic Recycling Group

Polyolefin Films Recycling Focus Session

Moderated by: Ton Emans, Plastic Recyclers Europe's President and Director Group Recycling, Cedo Recycling B.V.

  • Rickard Jansson, Development Engineer, Svensk Plastatervinning: Strategies to improve and increase recycling of flexible household plastic packaging
  • Achim Grefenstein, Senior Vice President Group R&D, Costantia flexibles: Highest barrier properties are possible with recyclable mono-PE and mono-PP laminates
  • Adrian Vogel, Global Segment Lead, TrinamiX: How mobile NIR Spectroscopy enables an efficient recycling value chain
Development Engineer
Svensk Plastatervinning
Senior Vice President Group R&D
Costantia flexibles
Global Segment Lead
CirKular+™: Unlocking Value-added Path to Circular Economy
Global Strategic Marketing

Latest Advancements in Chemical Recycling

Moderated by: Jim Armstrong, PRE Board Member & Chemical Recycling TaskForce Chairman and Chairman, Recoup

  • Matthias De Vel, Group Leader Technology, Eastman: Accelerating true circularity for plastics with chemical recycling
  • Feliks Bezati, Global Circular Packaging Director, Mars: Chemical recycling - The solution for flexible packaging circularity
  • Mathilde Taveau, Regulatory Affairs Manager, Plastics Recyclers Europe: How to ensure a level playing field using mass balance?
Group Leader Technology
Global Circular Packaging Director
Regulatory Affairs Manager
Plastics Recyclers Europe

Please note: Conference Programme is continually updated and is subject to change.