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SMF "Prodecologia" is a manufacturer of equipment for recycling with more than 30 years of experience. 
We can offer you solutions for separation of your material using various technologies from regular magnetic to electrostatic and NIR separators.

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SMF "Prodecologia" offers efficient and environmentally friendly equipment for the recycling of recyclables:
- electrostatic separators:
triboelectric separators - for separation of mixture of polymers ABS/PS/PP (shredded WEEE, PVC/rubber (shredded window profile), PVC/PE (shredded cable insulation), PET/PVC (shredded PET bottles), PP/PE (shredded plastic bottles and caps) and other;
corona electrostatic separators - for separation of shredded cables, WEEE, PCB’s, PVC window profile into metal (Al, Cu) and non-conducting material (plastics, textolite, fiber-glass and other)
- NIR separators - for sorting multicomponent polymer mixtures by type using near-infrared radiation;
- separators of light fraction - for removal of light fractions and dedusting of mixtures of shredded plastics;
- drag friction separators - for removal of elastic particles of rubber, silicone, polyurethane from mixtures of shredded plastics;
- magnetic separators - for cleaning shredded materials from ferrous metals;
- eddy current separators - for extracting non-ferrous metals from shredded non-conductive materials.

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