Polytives GmbH
Stand #: Y4
Domain: polytives.com
Short description

Polytives is a brandnew young industrial company, developping, producing and supplying a unique, patented and universal applicable polymeric additive technology. This technology enables significantly more efficient, softer and cost-effective recycling and recompounding processes and a higher grade of recyclability.

Material Suppliers - flexibles: PE (LDPE, HDPE) Material Suppliers - rigids - PP, HDPE Material Suppliers - technical/engineering plastic Material Suppliers – PC Material Suppliers – PET Material Suppliers – PS/EPS Material Suppliers – PVC Material Suppliers – other
Detailed information

The Polytives Technology occurs a polymeric additive technology. It is patented and unique. It is universal applicable as universal processing aid. It´s usable in prime and recycling grades for e.g. Polyolefines >PP<, >PE< grades, technical engineering plastics >PMMA<, >PC<, >PA< >ABS<, >PC-ABS<, >PA<, >PS<, >PET<, >PBT<, >PETG<, >TPE<, >TPU<, >PU<, >SAN<, >PVC<, >PLA<, >…< and also in some cases for high temperature thermoplastics like >PPA<, >PPS< grades.

Contact Email: info@polytives.de