POLICYCLE Deutschland GmbH
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Short description

We –POLICYCLE– are a member of the POLIFILM group and combining all elements of modern recycling management under a single umbrella. As a recycling specialist and disposal company we can also produce films with recycled material as well as the subsequent return of used films to the material cycle.

Material Suppliers - flexibles: PE (LDPE, HDPE) Plastic Mechanical Recyclers Plastic Waste Collection
Detailed information

Our core competences at glance
✔ Closing the loop
✔ Purchase of used films
✔ Recycling of challenging film types
✔ Sale of high quality recyclates
✔ Films with PCR & PIR content

Fluff to Film garbage bag – Extremely durable. Innovatively produced.
The garbage bags produced POLICYCLE elevate this product category to a new level and represent much more than just clean disposal. This is made possible by the innovative fluff-to-film production process. It saves an entire process step, while even materials that were previously difficult to recycle, such as adhesive-coated films, can be processed. In this way, POLICYCLE – taking into account the associated take-back concept – enables customers to obtain a new film product from their hard-to-recycle film waste. Of course, the Energy Efficiency Award-winning garbage bag is also available for all other interested parties.

Get in touch with us! We provide you with a wide range of solutions for your short- and long-term benefits, including optimizing your disposal concept and contributing to reducing your CO₂ footprint.

Contact Email: michael.koll@polifilm.com