Palurec GmbH
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Palurec is the first PolyAl-Recycling plant in Germany. Start of production in 2021 it produces around 6.000 t LDPE granulat per year and 1.500 t PO caps. The technology is pure mechanical recycling with cold washing without additives.

Plastic Mechanical Recyclers
Detailed information

Palurec GmbH is a subsidiary of the FKN beverage carton packaging association, in which the three major global beverage carton manufacturers Tetra Pak, SIG Combibloc and ELOPAK are organized.
The plastic and aluminum components of the beverage cartons are processed in the recycling plant at the Hürth site (Close to Cologne, Germany).
The technically sophisticated plant, that includes cold washing of the material, is operated in a continuous full-shift system since 2021.
Production capacity 2024: 6.000 t LDPE Granules
1.500 t HDPE/PP Caps

The plant is certified according to the RecyClass standard. Palurec is a member of PRE.

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