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NGR provides intelligent, future-oriented plastic recycling technologies for sustainable treatment of plastic materials, contributing to a better future. Exploring new paths in plastic recycling, NGR has developed outstanding technologies to develop efficient recycling processes. Applications include Post Industrial Recycling, PET Improvement and Recycling and Post Consumer Recycling.

Plastic Recycling Machinery & Equipment supplier
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NGR develops and builds customized recycling machines for the environmentally friendly processing of plastic waste and turns its customers' waste products into valuable raw materials again. Driven by the mission "working for a better future", NGR works on innovative solutions in the segments PIR (Post Industrial Recycling), PCR (Post Consumer Recycling) and PET Improvement for a better future.

NGR’s product range for post industry recycling enables the plastics processing industry to achieve true zero-waste production. The particularly maintenance-friendly recycling machines rely on the patented shredder-feeder-extruder combination, which, in contrast to conventional recycling systems, allows material shredding, extrusion and pelletizing in one single step, saving not only space but above all energy. The extra high-quality pellets recovered can be fed directly into the manufacture of a wide variety of new end products, thus saving raw materials, reducing the CO2 footprint and optimizing manufacturing processes.

NGR has identified potential for improvement also in the field of PET improvement. With the Liquid State Polycondensation (LSP) process, a completely new possibility has been developed under the trade name P:REACT for reprocessing PET waste into food-grade material making use of an extremely efficient process. While conventional PET reprocessing methods change the material properties in the solid phase, taking many hours, the decontamination of the material in the LSP process takes only a few minutes. In this innovative process from NGR, PET is reprocessed in the liquid phase, which guarantees simultaneous upgrading of the plastic and recycling to the highest standards of brand owners. Impurities and hazardous substances stored in PET, such as benzenes, are almost completely removed, taking PET recycling to a new dimension. The material properties, which are chemically degraded during reprocessing, can be completely restored, and even improved, by the LSP process. As a result, the processor receives a recycled material stream of the same high quality as is generally expected from the original granulate (virgin material). Food grade approvals by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration - USA) and the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) certify that the LSP process produces the most suitable recyclate for 100% food contact.

Almost half of the plastic produced worldwide is thrown away after only one use instead of taking advantage of it. The recycling professional C:GRAN for post consumer recycling processes heavily contaminated post-consumer material from start to finish. The cutter-compactor-extruder combination is the ideal solution for flakes or films with a residual moisture up to 25 % without problems thanks to its excellent pre-drying properties. The fact that, moist to highly moist and/or with foreign substances contaminated input materials can be reliably processed again to top granulate for highest demands, one simply must have seen.

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