Lerg-Pet Sp. z.o.o.
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Short description

Lerg-Pet sp. z o. o. activities focus on: processing of PET waste into PET flake and regranulate (rPET), which are later used to produce PET products such as polyester fibers, packaging films, polyester tapes, etc.; recycling and mechanical metal processing (construction of machines, devices, production of spare parts and repairs).

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Detailed information

Our core business is two-fold. The first pillar covers processing PET waste into PET flakes and regranulate (rPET), intended for the manufacture of PET-based products such as polyester fibres, packaging films, polyester tapes, etc.
We recycle post-consumer PET bottle waste, supporting its recovery from the municipal waste streams. We also make PET regranulate (rPET) for reuse in the production of PET bottles, in line with the bottle-to-bottle packaging process philosophy. The second pillar features mechanical engineering and machining of metals, specifically the design and building of machines and devices, the making of spare parts, and overhauls and repairs. With our extensive resources of metal processing and machining tools and equipment, we make steel structures, machines, devices and/or spare parts. Whatever the needs, we can make customized metal components based on the customer’s technical drawings. We also offer contract services for surface hardening treatment (ion nitriding) and balancing of parts and components.
LERG-PET Sp z o. o. is now part of the LERG Group of Companies, while our presence in the market dates back over 30 years. Our expertise and capabilities have earned us wide recognition among customers in Poland and abroad.