Jiangsu Kitech Machinery Co., LTD.
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KITECH Machinery is specialized in researching and manufacturing of plastic recycling machine, KITECH provides customers with a complete set of solutions from washing and crushing to granulation even to extrusion. With more than 25 years of plastic recycling experience, combined with international advanced recycling and extrusion technology, In view of the diversity of waste plastics in the market, KITECH has independently developed LDW series / HDW series/ PET bottle/WEEE washing production line, and KCP series compacting and pelletizing system/KSP series pelletizing system, KITECH provides tailor-made solutions for customers, It's very directly to meet the needs of each user, Since its establishment, KITECH have established more than 150 waste plastic recycling production lines in the world, customers throughout Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Australia, Africa and other regions.

Granulators /Pelletizers/Compounding/Knives Plastic Mechanical Recyclers Plastic Recycling Machinery & Equipment supplier Size Reduction: Shredders / Grinding Tools - shredders and size reduction Washing / Washing Lines
Detailed information

We provide turn key solutions for below projects:
PE PP film Washing Line of 300-2000KG/H,
PE PP PS PC ABS Rigid plastic Washing Line of 500KG/H, 1000KG/H, 2000KG/H, 3000KG/H
PET Bottles Washing Line of 500KG/H, 1000KG/H, 2000KG/H, 3000KG/H
PE/PP/PET/PS/ABS/EPS/PA Pelletizing Line 150-1200KG/H
Auxiliaries (crusher, shredder, mixer, pulverizer, etc.)

Contact Email: remond@kitechpm.com