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Jayplas is one of the UK’s largest independent specialist plastic recyclers, converters, and recycled plastic packaging manufacturers. Our innovative recycling technologies support a circular economy, helping businesses meet their plastic packaging sustainability goals and regulatory requirements.

Material Suppliers - flexibles: PE (LDPE, HDPE) Material Suppliers - rigids - PP, HDPE Material Suppliers – PET Plastic Mechanical Recyclers
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Company overview

Jayplas are a privately owned company since 1975, and have vast depth of knowledge and experience in the post-consumer plastic recycling sector. The Jayplas team are experienced and passionate about plastic recycling.

The Jayplas team understand our clients’ and new customers’ requirements, we listen, support and work closely with them, building mutually respectful relationships to deliver the best solutions/outcomes effectively and efficiently, working within the market and regulatory landscape ensuring a reliable, robust supply chain solution that meets their needs.

With continuous investment in our advanced technology plastic reprocessing and manufacturing facilities within our UK operations to handle the sortation of plastic packaging (including complex films), recycle/reprocess plastic packaging to various recycled polymer pellets, and manufacture recycled plastic packaging.

rHDPE ( food and non-food grade)
rPP (food and non-food grade)
rPET super cleaned hot washed flake
rPET food-grade pellet
Flexible packaging with up to 100% recycled content
rPET food contact film with 100% recycled content.

Contact Email: Enquiries@jayplas.co.uk