IST 2000 SRL
Stand #: N35
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IST is a leader in the design and manufacture of COLOR OPTICAL SORTING MACHINES for cleaning and sorting of plastics, minerals, recyclable materials and many other products.

Separation & Sorting
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The new line of sorters Infinity Plus color optics represents the last frontier in the field of computer vision and color selection. The Infinity Plus optical sorters are able to detect any defect in the inspected material, using digital cameras at high resolution able to distinguish 16 million colors and imperfections up to 0.09 mm. This is possible thanks to the technology full color and trichromatic, which allows the lenses to replicate the human eye's ability to distinguish even the smallest shade of color. This emulation is completed by a further functionality, called dimensional, of our optical sorters, namely the cross recognition in size and color. This double evaluation allows you to select the materials by limiting the processing waste as much as possible and, consequently, increasing the quality of the final product.

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