Heraplast GmbH
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HERAPLAST, a company steeped in tradition, has stood for customised solutions in the field of masterbatches and compounds for over 25 years. The Bavarian company produces customer-specific colour masterbatches and application-related compounds for all common thermoplastics. Our focus is on colouring recycled materials. HERAPLAST breathes new colourful life into sustainable material comprising regrind, post-consumer- or post-industrial-recycled (PCR and PIR, respectively), so that the coloured recycled materials can hardly be distinguished from virgin material. HERAPLAST also sells white, black and additive masterbatches from renowned top European manufacturers. When it comes to thermoplastics, HERAPLAST has something to offer across the entire modern product spectrum. At HERAPLAST, the company motto "A Passion for Colours" can be seen and felt in everything we produce; and the motto could even be extended to "A Passion for Sustainability and Colours".

Contact Email: info@heraplast.de