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Greyparrot is using AI waste analytics to unlock a new understanding of discarded resources that we call waste intelligence. Waste intelligence provides unprecedented visibility at recovery and recycling facilities across the globe, enabling data-driven decisions to improve recycling efficiency and recover more waste materials more sustainably.

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Greyparrot, the leader in AI waste analytics, is applying AI to globally scale recycling and save millions of tonnes of waste from landfills and incinerators. By providing deeper, more intelligent insights about waste stream composition and value, Greyparrot is helping the waste sector recover more value from waste processing lines and reduce the environmental impact of waste.

The company’s waste intelligence platform, including Greyparrot Analyzer and Greyparrot Sync (API), reveals real-time insights on over 70 waste categories across seven layers of data, including financial value, brand, and GHG emissions, captured at multiple locations across a recycling facility. In 2023, Greyparrot analysed over 25 billion waste objects helping drive efficiency to save hundreds of thousands, to millions, of dollars per facility – while diverting millions of tonnes of waste away from landfills, oceans, and incinerators.

Using Greyparrot insights, recycling professionals, plant builders, packaging producers, and FMCG brands can make decisions to help them increase recycling efficiency, comply with recycling regulations, and improve recyclable packaging design.

Greyparrot is recognised as:
- Global Cleantech 100 2024
- World Economic Forum “Tech Pioneer” 2021
- PWC “NetZero Future 50” 2022
- WIRED “Europe's 100 Hottest Startups” 2021
- CB Insights “Top 100 most promising AI company globally” 2021

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