Stand #: T35
Short description

For over 25 years, our company has specialized in the production of natural and colored recycled technical compounds :
- Injection and extrusion grades
- Sourcing : post-industrial or post-consumer
- Our range of materials : - PC - PMMA - PC/ABS - ABS
- Materials monitored and in-house laboratory

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Detailed information

GMP was created in 1995. The company is specialized in the formulation and production of recycled technical compounds.
The main products of the company are : PC - PMMA - PC/ABS - ABS. GMP also offers custom granulation services for all types of technical materials (coloration, UV-stabilisation, glass fibers,...).

Production volume is 4000 tonnes of technical resins / year. GMP is equipped with 3 automated single-screw extruders, 2 knife mills and a shredder.
The company is able to homogenise batches of 12 tonnes.

The in-house laboratory carries out entry and exit tests on each material and delivers a certificate with each batch produced. The laboratory tests are as follows : melt volume rate, charge rate, colorimetry, Charpy testing, density, Vicat Point, ...
All materials are supplied with a REACH and RoHS certificate of conformity.