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With over a decade of experience, Gianeco specializes in researching and developing compounds, recycled biopolymers and thermoplastic elastomers pellets and regrinds, sourced from industrial waste. These materials are designed for use in compounding, construction, agriculture, design, fashion, and various other applications.

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Gianeco supports the circular economy by processing of waste plastics and their transformation into materials of excellence.

Every day we work alongside our customers to produce high-performance recycled materials suitable for their specific production.

We have 2 product lines:

BIOGEO - regrinds and granules 100% recycled PLA and PBS, PLA/PBAT compounds for sheet and panel extrusion, filmblown film for organic waste bags, thermoforming injection moulding, compounds and 3D printing filament.

ELASTOGEO - TPU, SBS, SEBS and TPO granules and compounds for building profiles, phone covers, garden tools, conveyor belts, hoses, cables and coatings, wheels.

In recent years we have specialised in the production of customised products based on biopolymers and recycled recycled thermoplastics.

We are constantly looking for new customers and suppliers.
We operate in 45 countries and on all 5 continents.
We attend trade fairs annually to opportunity to meet old and new customers and suppliers. new customers and suppliers.

We look together at the next goal for a more sustainable production with recycled plastic material.

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