EVER GRACE International Corp. Ltd.
Stand #: C43
Domain: ecoevergrace.com
Short description

One-stop solution for PCR plastics . Selling High Quality PCR pellets such as PP (Co- & Home) , PE (LD, LLD , HD),PS(HIPS, GPPS),PC/ABS, PC ,ABS, POM , PA66 etc.

Extruders Granulators /Pelletizers/Compounding/Knives Material Suppliers - flexibles: PE (LDPE, HDPE) Material Suppliers - rigids - PP, HDPE Material Suppliers - technical/engineering plastic Material Suppliers – PC Material Suppliers – PET Material Suppliers – PS/EPS Material Suppliers – other Plant Design Plastic Mechanical Recyclers Plastic Recycling Machinery & Equipment supplier Plastic Waste Collection Separation & Sorting Washing / Washing Lines
Detailed information

We supply not only PCR plastics but also additives and types of equipment.

Contact Email: lela@ecoevergrace