Doha plastic
Stand #: D21
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Established in 2003, we're a leading Qatari company in sustainable plastic recycling and compounding. Using state-of-the-art German and Austrian tech, our 200-strong team produces premium recycled plastic pellets and crush materials from various plastics Our annual capacity is 50,000MT, and we offer finished products like drip irrigation pipes, seed bags,

Material Suppliers - flexibles: PE (LDPE, HDPE) Material Suppliers - rigids - PP, HDPE Material Suppliers – PC Material Suppliers – PET Material Suppliers – PVC Material Suppliers – other
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Qatari leader in sustainable plastic recycling and compounding 100%.
Established in 2003, we utilize cutting-edge German and Austrian technology to manufacture premium recycled plastic with a highly skilled workforce of 200 employee
We convert all waste plastic to raw materials as pellet or crush material suitable for plastic industrial.
HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PP, OPP, ABS and PS as pellet material.
PVC, PET, PC and PA flakes.
We can process waste plastic in different density, target (ASTM D1505/D792) and different MFI target (ASTM D1238).
We can convert PET bottles, containers, sheets to flakes food grade (bottle to bottle) machine capacity 10,000MT/annum.
Annual capacity of all materials 50,000MT/annum.
We manufacture finished products from our recycled material drip irrigation pipe system seed bags, and mulch covers, garbage bags, insulation sheets.

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