DENTIS Recycling Italy S.r.l.
Stand #: K12
Short description

Founded in 1987, Dentis Recycling Italy is nowadays a multinational family-run business, specialized in the recovery and mechanical recycling of post-consumer PET packaging wastes coming from the Italian or European selected plastic waste collection circuits with three operational plants in Italy. Spain and France.

Material Suppliers – PET Plastic Mechanical Recyclers
Detailed information

Dentis R-PET product portfolio can account two main flagship brands. R-PET PETALO® flakes (120 000 ton/y output), available in four-color shades as flakes (clear, light blue, multicolor and clear-light blue mix), nowadays known into the European market as a high-quality brand thanks to its homogenous crystallization and minimum contaminant content. Besides, the new fully approved food grade RPET REPETER® product ( 55 000 ton/y) represents just the last innovation by Dentis with the aim to offer to the market high-quality recycled PET pellets in four different color shades like clear, light blue, green and dairy white opaque ones.