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Celenk Plastik, founded in 1988, is a recycling company that produces 2000 tons of granule raw materials per month in its Güneşli and Sİlivri factories. Our two factories have all recycling licenses determined by world standards. In our facility in Bağcılar Güneşli, polyethylene (Ldpe) is produced in 6.000 square meters

Granulators /Pelletizers/Compounding/Knives
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As Çelenk Plastik, we aim to support a sustainable world with plastic recycling and to contribute to our country's economy by creating exports and employment. In line with this goal, we add value to our country, our employees, our commercial stakeholders and our world with our world-class quality certificates, our state-of-the-art modern facilities and, above all, our slogan of "continuously improving business organization and production" with the priority of occupational safety.


The Recycling adventure in Çelenk Plastik starts with the plastic wastes collected from domestic and foreign countries being unloaded to our factory and taken to the decomposition area.
Polyethylene raw materials are processed in our Güneşli factory and polypropylene raw materials are processed in our Silivri factory.
According to the types of raw materials, scrap wastes, packaging wastes and wastes are classified as high density, low density polypropylene and polyethylene.
This is one of the most important stages of recycling. Because if this decomposition is not done correctly, new products may be inefficient. Decomposed plastic wastes are broken into pieces in crushing machines and turned into bran. The products turned into bran are colored with concentrated dyes that will not threaten human health and passed through the granule line.
Then the raw material is melted with pressure and temperature processes and cut into granule size. The cut granules are taken to the mixer. After the granules reach the required tonnage, they are packed into 1250 Kg bigbag bags or 25 kg bags.

After the packaging process, the packages are ready for shipment with the palletizing process. Thus, the recycling process is completed with a world-class process.

Our company is committed to contributing to the economy of our country while aiming to make our world a more livable place by constantly increasing its recycling production targets and following the developing technologies and trends in the world.

Contact Email: doganay@celenkplastik.com