Burpol Polimer Plastik San. tic. AS
Stand #: 9-100
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Short description

BURPOL transforms the plastic waste it supplies into high-performance recycling raw materials with its superior technology. In the visual parts of automobiles, OEM and sub-industry approved raw materials produced from 100% recycled waste are used in the automotive, white goods and other locomotive sectors.

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Detailed information

Burpol was founded in 2014 with the aim of realizing the 'FORWARD VISION RECOVERY' project, considering its responsibilities towards its country and nature.It turns resources such as PCR, PIR, ELV into high-performance recycling raw materials using high-tech machines. It successfully continues the projects it has initiated with OEM and sub-industry companies. The use of raw materials produced using 100% recycled waste, even in the visual parts of automobiles, is a success of production precision.Today, Burpol operates in a total closed area of 8000 m2 in two different locations, has 5 production lines and an annual installed capacity of 25000 tons. In this way, it effectively fulfills its responsibilities for the country and nature by adding added value to plastic waste.Burpol, together with its experienced teammates in the sector, is constantly growing by focusing on life cycle analysis (LCA), carbon footprint measurements and innovation-based studies. It maintains its determination to continuously develop its laboratory equipment and R&D department and to implement new recycling projects. In this way, Burpol carries the vision of being a leading company in the sector in the fields of environmental sustainability, recycling and innovation.

Contact Email: mehmet.tokuc@burpol.com