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PCR-PIR Recycled Plastics
Our product range focuses on rHDPE, rPET and many other recycled plastics. with high technology.

Material Suppliers - flexibles: PE (LDPE, HDPE) Material Suppliers - rigids - PP, HDPE Material Suppliers – PC Material Suppliers – PET Plastic Mechanical Recyclers
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Recycled Plastics - PCR
400 million tons of plastic is produced in the world every year and it is used in many fields from packaging to automotive, from textile to construction. A large part of them becomes waste in our homes, workplaces, and living spaces after consumption. The only solution to this plastic waste problem, which is getting harder to manage day by day, is separate collection and recycling at the source.

Plastic wastes of consumer origin, which are first separated according to their polymers and colors with modern and technological methods, are then washed, cleaned, and turned into a prime alternative to the original raw material.

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