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We offer comprehensive solutions and distribute supplies for the plastic extrusion process. Our featured products for plastic recyclers include Metal Mesh Filters and Replacement Filters (MeltFilter by ActionLaser).

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At Azaros, we specialize in providing top-quality supplies for the plastic extrusion process. With our expertise and experience, we ensure efficient and reliable solutions to meet our customers' needs.

Our Metal Mesh Filters: We offer an extensive range of custom-made filters designed to cater to our customers' specific requirements in the extrusion process. Our wide selection includes various designs, thread sizes, and light steps, all aimed at effectively retaining impurities during extrusion.

Introducing MeltFilter by ActionLaser: As a leading provider in the industry, we proudly offer replacement filters specially designed for the continuous plastic recycling process. MeltFilter by ActionLaser guarantees optimal performance and longevity, enabling smooth and sustainable plastic recycling. As the official distributor of ActionLaser's MeltFilter discs in Europe, we provide our customers with the highest quality filtration solutions available.

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