AST Packaging Group presents CIPACKS®
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Why only recycle, reuse too!
With CIPACKS® an initiative of the AST Packaging Group we help you to close the circular loop together.
We offer you a total solution for your company to change together to a circular economy.

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With our widely distributed locations in Europe, we offer our customers a sustainable total solution for a circular economy. From the production of plastic packaging to the return of used packaging to reconditioning and recycling, we close the loop. For this the AST Packaging Group presents CIPACKS®.
Since 1977 the company “AST Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH” have produced plastic-containers and drums for dangerous goods. Over the years the AST Packaging Group has grown to a total amount of 16 companies and is still growing. These companies consists not only production facilities, AST also introduced reconditioning and recycling sites, because we should not only recycle, but reuse too. Reuse of packaging has a higher priority compared to recycling and makes this more sustainable.
Our product-range starts with bottles of 15 ml to drums with a capacity of 220 l. Reconditioning is possible with cans of 20 l to IBC’s of 1000 l. For recycling we can take back all used packaging. All the materials that are recycled will be used again for the production of circular packaging in our own companies.
Through our widely spread network of sites we can collect and distribute packaging as efficient as possible. This way we are able to minimize the amount of transport kilometres, which is mandatory for a sustainable circular economy.