Flor Pena Herron
Flor Pena Herron

Flor holds a Masters in Sciences Biology with a major in Ecology and Microbiology. And completed the Certificate on Business Sustainability Management by the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership CISL.

She has been working in different departments of Avery Dennison since 2005. Since September 2017 she has been working in Sustainability & Circular Economy projects internally and externally , actually holding the title of Sr Sustainability & Circular Economy Manager EMEA.

Flor has made a measurable impact over the past 4 years in the Sustainability Team at Avery Dennison: her analytical skills, her ability to work alone and being an excellent team player, in combination with her open and critical mindset, make her a valued colleague and a mentor.

She is always customer-focused and results-driven. Thanks to her scientific background and a responsible approach to the environment she has truly inspired colleagues, clients, and end-users to become more responsible. Everyone, from government to individuals of all ages and abilities, can play an important role as stewards of the environment. Only together we can.. As sustainability is key to the future of the label industry, it is core to the values of Avery Dennison and is a huge personal motivator for Flor.

For that reason Flor was testing a Label liner recycling program for two years in two countries France and Spain, and after the pilot times the program has become a new service for all our customers unter the name of Avery Dennison Circular, and also create a close collaboration within the label industry through the CELAB consortium that was also created last year to ensure that we are providing solution to our waste, Avery Dennison is one of the founders of this consortium.

Label liner and matrix recycling program require a complex process of collection and sorting, which can be a deterrent for companies who want to recycle, and therefore as part of Avery Dennison goal to eliminate 70 percent of liner and matrix waste from our value chain by 2025, Flor and her team are building a network of recyclers to help converters and brands reduce and reuse label waste.

Through this program, label liner is collected for recycling, saving on waste disposal costs and preventing environmental impact from landfill or incineration. Flor is committed to ensuring that we can create value from waste, and due to her passion, determination, and demonstrated innovation in delivering lasting results I am sure that I am merely one of the many lives that she will influence throughout her daily life.

Flor has been responsible for the implementation of Ecodesign at Avery Dennison Global, a new way of thinking and approach on developing new products, more proactive, and more focused on new materials and new technology available. Ecodesign program successfully implemented in Europe in 2020 is now rolling out globally, this project will look at the needs on each region where we are present and collaborate with all departments involved such as Marketing, R&D, and Procurement and incorporate all the changed need it to create new products that are following our strategy in sustainability allowing our customers to be able to choose products for their needs that are reaching all the sustainability credential possible and available at the moment.

We are focussing our effort on looking for the most sustainable raw material to new ways of producing our products with less impact on the environment. The Ecodesing program is also taking into consideration the Ecosystem, all the needs from our ecosystem from suppliers to customers to recyclers, teaching and learning from the ecosystem is key to implement Ecodesign in your company. Thanks to this collaboration and external focus we are closer to enable Circular Economy, collaborating with all your stakeholders will help to understand what is need it and also will help to evolve on the requirements that sometimes are opposite and are not facilitating the possibilities to be more circular, The ecosystem needs to be aligned Flor is collaborating closely with Petcore, CEFLEX, and Recyclass to make a clear differentiation on what decoration means in the recycling process, working close with the association we made clear to them that decoration is key for the recyclability of the material, but also is key for the brand owners no communicate about their product, and many times the technical requirements from the ecosystem are contradictory so make difficult to de the design of the final product that will be positive for the total ecosystem, that is why we ask the association to create specific work groups and more detailed guidelines on decoration.

What is important is also putting more emphasis on educating the ecosystem on the different decorations in packaging and how we can create new products that are fulfilling the necessities of the whole supply chain from Suppliers to recyclers so we can be transparent and truly circular