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Size Reduction: Shredders / Grinding Separation & Sorting Washing / Washing Lines Material Suppliers – PVC Plastic Mechanical Recyclers
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The name covers it all, we are specialized in PVC. Through the years we gained a strong expertise in PVC; each and every type of waste is seen as a challenge, and with continuous dedication and innovation we search for pragmatic solutions to process or reuse this material. We act global and partner up with production plants all over the world to find solutions for their production scrap, or to find ‘recycled’ alternatives for their compounds and raw materials. Whether it is rigid, soft, plastisol or powder; our goal to find a solution for all types! If you want to

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We focus on PVC in all its forms. Focus gives us great expertise in the material, the different applications and all the laws and regulations concerning the recycling, im- and export of PVC.

Due to our intense working relations with International producers in flooring and medical products we have added specialized recycling lines for that specific wast (post industrial and post consumer). These lines have a great impact on the current field of recycling and will have a great impact on the environment. We see the world as a whole, we work beyond European boundaries always keeping the product in the center of what we do.

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Country: Netherlands