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REPI GROUP operates since 1973 as an innovative and reliable supplier of high-performance liquid additive and colour solutions for plastics applied in many industrial sectors such as packaging, furniture, building and construction, advertising. Own facilities and a comprehensive network of sales and services cover the business globally.

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Strong focus is on recycling additives that cater for polymers used in injection moulding and extrusion processes advancing their circularity. The innovative StabiPlus acts as a proactive stabilizer that prevents PET and r-PET from aging, loop after loop. Anti-yellow, Toners and Optical Brighteners correct off-shade r-PET enabling an increase of the amount of recyclate in the process. IV enhancers act on the mechanical performance of r-PET. The range of recycling additives are offered both to recyclers extruding r-PET pellets and packaging converters. Next to additives, custom colour formulations are as well offered to meet Brand Owners approvals and compliances.

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Country: Switzerland