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Plastic Recycling Machinery & Equipment supplier Extruders Granulators /Pelletizers/Compounding/Knives Plant Design Plastic Mechanical Recyclers
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Bandera started operations in 1947 founded by Luigi Bandera and supplies complete extrusion lines for blown film (packaging & converting sector) and flat die foil & sheet (rigid thermoformed packages). It’s a worldwide leader in PET rigid film dryless extrusion technology & in agri-geo blown film technology. Bandera is currently developing projects that include cascade extrusion with twin-screw extruders and or combination or multi-screws equipment for pelletizing systems for PO materials and Super Clean PET pelletizing lines (EFSA and FDA approval) and with PURe pre-treatment.

Detailed information

Bandera supplies complete extrusion lines for blown film (packaging & converting sector), flat die foil & sheet (rigid thermoformed packages) and recycling technologies.

The R&D centre, The House of Extrusion®, is a 6000 m2 area and test-running activities on complete production lines with customized engineering services and an after-sales global network. THOE was recently upscaled with a dedicated facility for a new wet trials area including a 2-hall brand new building with 35 m2 height.

The capability of upgrading material characteristics to a comparable virgin material level (food-grade, flavour/odour control, mechanical properties, etc.) is one of the priorities towards circular economy needs.

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Country: Italy