PRSE - a sustainable show

The organisers of PRSE are committed to bringing you a show that is as sustainable as possible. Below are some of the initiatives we have in place to ensure this:

Recycling of Show Waste

We are working with Beelen Recycling B.V. on the recycling of the waste created by the show.

Beelen is acknowledged processor of waste products. Certified and accepted by the VIHB. They are registered on the national list, and are a licenced processor acknowledged by the government (gedeputeerde staten).

Below are a list of all materials from the show, and details of how they will be processed:

The different streams of metals will be separated and sorted. Then used in the metal fabrication as secondary raw material.

Construction and demolition waste will be separated on location at Beelen and reused in construction. There are 13 different kind of mono streams that we can get from this stream of waste.

Will be recycled in to raw materials for construction

Recycling in to granulate

Thermal recycling

Stuffing materials for cement industry, isolation for the automobile industry

recycling to new glass

Biogas/ Green gas/ C02/ Citrus fuels/ compost / heat / water

UCOME ( used cooking oil methyl ester) biodiesel

Foils will be sorted, washed and grinded. In the end there will be left is a granulate for the plastic industry

When we get whole products (bikes, chairs) will be used at second-hand shops.

Non usable will be processed as mixed waste.

Thermal recycling

Recycling till new product (bikes, cars)

Recycling in to new granulate.

Thermal recycling.

These materials will be sorted and reused in the plaster industry and secondary raw material.

Printing paper/toilet paper/Boxes

Sustainability and Recycling at PRSE

The PRSE 2022 Show Guide is now digital, accessible on your device whilst at the show. This cuts down on unnecessary printing and the associated environmental damage as well as reducing waste.

Pop your badge in the marked collection bins on your way out of the show and your badge will be recycled, and your badge holder reused at another show.

This year, PRSE will have a donation programme for exhibitors. Our good cause donation programme is an initiative in which you can play a key role. Exhibitors are invited to hand in unwanted items, which meet the criteria, to the donation room. These will then be distributed among various social initiatives in the Amsterdam region.