Caroline Van der Perre
Caroline Van der Perre
Managing Director
Raff Plastics

Caroline Van der Perre, 43 years old, is Managing Director of RAFF Plastics.

After her studies in Marketing (Ghent), she started 21 years ago in the company her father founded in 1976. The family business was originally active in PVC processing and has gradually evolved to the recycling of other plastic streams including high-density polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene.

As Managing Director, Caroline is responsible for strategic planning of the production activities, the operations management, finance, logistics and marketing. She runs the company together with Christophe Dehouck who is in charge of production implementation and the commercial part of the business.

Caroline has built up a solid experience in recycling matters and the applicable legal framework for the treatment of waste. She deploys her straightforward and entrepreneurial management skills to realise her ambition, i.e. to put RAFF Plastics on the map to raise awareness among people and businesses of the importance of sorting and recycling correctly.

With a turnover of EUR 38 million in 2021, RAFF Plastics has become a leading recycling company active in sorting and recycling production waste and post-consumer waste (single-use consumer products). The company mainly produces granules and grinding materials tailored to customers' needs and processes 50,000 tonnes of waste annually.

RAFF Plastics will expand in 2022 with four new production lines that will enable the processing of 20,000 additional tonnes of waste annually into consumer products such as hobby boxes, dustbins, laundry baskets, slides, crates, etc.

RAFF Plastics currently employs 65 people and has a large production unit in Houthulst and a small grinding unit in Londerzeel.