Marta Sans Peña
Marta Sans Peña
Technical Service and Development Engineer, Plastic Additives
Milliken Chemical Europe

As a Technical Service and Development Engineer at Milliken Chemical, she provides technical service and development support to Milliken’s key customers in the polyolefin manufacturing and plastics processing industry.

To support these key customers she has over 12+ years experience in the chemical and plastics industry, with a decade of industry knowledge and product line expertise.

At Milliken we create products that make a difference for our customers. This is why she spends time working closely with resin producers and plastic converters in order to further grow and develop Milliken’s additives to meet the needs of companies across the industry.

On a typical day you could find Marta analyzing laboratory results, and compiling data to review it with customers. This work is used to help customers understand the performance improvement or process optimization that can be achieved with Milliken’s products.

For Marta, combining the technical aspect and connecting with Milliken’s huge range of customers in many different locations across EMEA is one of her favorite parts of the role.