Jean-Claude Würmli
Managing Director
PET-Recycling Schweiz

Jean-Claude Würmli, born in 1968 in Zurich, is married and has one adult son. He pursued a career in business administration and, via the music and fashion industries, entered the recycling industry in 2001. Since 2014 he has been Managing Director responsible for PET-Recycling Switzerland. He is Vice President of Swiss Recycling, to which a total of 10 recycling organisations belong. Member of various national and international expert committees on factual issues relating to the recycling of plastics, in particular for PET beverage bottles, and on legislation governing the recycling industry in Switzerland. Co-founder of the IGSU, the nationally operating organisation in the fight against littering.

The association PRS PET-Recycling Switzerland was founded in 1990 and has been involved in the collection and recycling of PET beverage bottles since the Ordinance on Beverage Packaging (VGV) came into force. Today it provides a nationwide collection network for PET beverage bottles. The PRS is an NGO and a purely private sector solution. PRS builds the collection network, transports, sorts and recycles around 1.2 billion bottles every year. The waste disposal logistics service supplies and disposes of waste to over 50,000 businesses throughout Switzerland. Today there are more PET collection points in Switzerland than letterboxes and post offices combined. This is why over 8 out of 10 PET beverage bottles are recycled today, replacing 38,000 tonnes of new material and saving almost 140,000 tonnes of CO2 every year.