Fabrizio Di Gregorio
Technical Manager
Plastics Recyclers Europe

Fabrizio graduated in Environmental Science and Technology and got a PhD in Industrial Engineering from the University of Naples. For eight years, he was a researcher at the University of Naples in waste management and lecturer in chemical and biochemical processes, as well as in life cycle assessment applied to waste management also at the Denmark Technology University and at the Technology University of Wien. Fabrizio is an author of more than 15 papers on peer-reviewed international scientific journals and he was also international referee. After that he was for 3 years the R&D manager at the Italian National Consortium for Packaging Recycling, developing in partnership with Universities and research centers research projects to improve the recycling processes for specific waste streams, mainly related with post-consumer plastics. Currently he is the Technical Manager at Plastics Recyclers Europe aiming to develop design for recycling actions for plastic products.