Max-AI® Robotic Waste Sorting
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Max-AI® Robotic Waste Sorting

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Max-AI® technology is an artificial intelligence that identifies recyclables and other items for recovery or quality control. Through deep learning technology, Max employs both multi- layered neural networks and a vision system to see and identify objects similarly to the way a person does. The technology is driving improvements in Plastic Recovery Facility (PRF) design, operational efficiency, recovery, system optimization, maintenance, and more.
The following models are available:
Max-AI® VIS (Visual Identification System)
Max-AI® AQC-1 (Robot with single arm)
Max-AI® AQC-2 (Robot with double arm)
Max-AI® AQC-C (Collaborative Robot): can work alongside humans

Please download our brochures below:
1. Max-AI® Product Overview
2. Max-AI® AQC-1 flyer
3. Max-AI® AQC-2 flyer
4. Max-AI® AQC-C flyer
5. Max-AI® VIS flyer

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Contact:   Mr Remi Le Grand