24th - 25th April 2018
RAI, Amsterdam
24th - 25th April 2018
RAI, Amsterdam
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PRS Europe 2017 is an informative and inspiring full conference programme which will address the latest opportunities and challenges that face the plastics recycling industry. With key industry figures in attendance and a number of big name speakers, this really is a must attend event for those looking to evolve their business and generate new revenue streams. The Conference is FREE to attend and forms part of the FREE to attend exhibition where you can not only benefit from the content, but also from quality networking, meeting top suppliers, seeing the most innovative products & services as well as see new launches.


Day One | 29 March 2017

10.15 Welcome and official opening of conference
Gerben-Jan Gerbrandy,
 Member of the European Parliament

Video message from Commissioner Karmenu Vella, DG Environment & Maritime Affairs and Fisheries

10.30 Introduction to Materials Focus sessions
Ton Emans,
 President and LDPE WH Chairman, Plastics Recyclers Europe
David Eldridge, Editor, Plastics News Europe


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10.40 - 11.25 Focus on: PET
The PET material focus session at PRS will focus on the most pressing issues within the PET recycling sector such as thermoforms plastics recycling, titanium dioxide in food content applications and increasing the availability of recycled PET from used bottle (Polymark Project).
Chaired by: Casper van den Dungen, Vice President and PET WG Chairman, Plastics Recyclers Europe 
How can we develop PET recycling further in Europe?
Casper van den Dungen, Vice President and PET WG Chairman, Plastics Recyclers Europe
What is the status of PET thermoforming recycling in Europe?
Paolo Glerean, Board Member, Plastics Recyclers Europe
What is the status of Opaque PET in France? 
Olivier Vilcot, Vice President, SRP
11.25 - 11.40 Questions & answers
11.40 - 12.25 Focus on: PVC
The session on PVC during PRS will touch upon the current collection schemes systems & recycled volumes across Europe, the legislative framework for PVC recycling and will give an insight into the Product Environmental Footprint Project.
Chaired by: Sébastien Petithuguenin, Vice President and PVC WG Chairman, Plastics Recyclers Europe
High quality recycled PVC
Sébastien Petithuguenin, Vice President and PVC WG Chairman, Plastics Recyclers Europe
Plastic Pipes & Fittings innovation and recycling
Tony Calton, General Manager, TEPPFA
How to increase the use of recycling materials
Stefan Eingärtner, VinylPlus Technical Director, VinylPlus
Regulatory Framework for PVC Recycling
Geoffroy Tillieux, Regulatory Compliance Director, Polymer Comply Europe
12.25 - 12.40 Questions & answers
12.40 - 13.15 Focus on: HDPE
The speakers of the HDPE material focus session will talk about hazardous waste classification, use of recycled PP by brand owners and future of HDPE recycling. 
Chaired by: Christian Crépet, Vice President and HDPE WG Chairman, Plastics Recyclers Europe
Recycled HDPE in danger
Christian Crépet, Vice President and HDPE WG Chairman, Plastics Recyclers Europe
Current trend to switch from HDPE to PET in household products: a recyclers view
Christine Levêque, Director Business Innovation Recycling and Waste Recovery Benelux & Germany, SUEZ
The Collection and Sorting of Cleaning Product Containers in Belgium
An Vossen, Executive Manager, EPRO
13.15 - 13.30 Questions & answers
13.30 - 14.05 Focus on: LDPE
This session will focus mainly on the existing collection schemes for LDPE and the perception of consumers on plastics in the horticultural industry.
Chaired by: Ton Emans, President and LDPE WG Chairman, Plastics Recyclers Europe
The state of play of LDPE recycling in Europe
Ton Emans, President and LDPE WG Chairman, Plastics Recyclers Europe
The French national scheme for the management of end of life agricultural inputs: facts, figures and next steps
Stéphane Guesney, Responsible for Collection, Recycling and Recovery, Adivalor
Bioplastics - How much of a threat are these materials to the European plastic recycling industry
Mike Baxter, Director of External Affairs, BPI
14.05 - 14.20 Questions & answers
14.20 - 14.55 Focus on: Pots Tubs and Trays
The speakers in this session will focus on the recycling potential of the mixed plastics and recycling of PE, PP, PS and PTT.
Chaired by: Jean-Marc Van Maren, Founder, Van Maren Systems
What are mixed plastics? Recycling potentials, quantities, qualities
Jean-Marc Van Maren, Founder, Van Maren Systems
PE, PP, PS: What will France do with these packages?
Vincent Colard,  Eco-design Engineer, Eco-Emballages
Can the UK cope with PTT? Or will South-East-Asia do the job? 
Stuart Foster, CEO, Recoup
14.55 - 15.10 Questions & answers
Chaired by: Ton Emans, President and LDPE WG Chairman, Plastics Recyclers Europe
15.15 Strategy on Plastics: roadmap
Eric Liégeois, Team Leader Plastics and Wastes Recycling, European Commission - DG GROW
15.35 Financing recycling in a circular economy
Jonas Byström, Senior Engineer, European Investment Bank
15:55 Packaging sustainability – introducing PCR for Fabric Care bottles and recent partnerships
Gian de Belder, Principle Scientist (Packaging R&D/Sustainability), Procter & Gamble
16.15 Plastics gone circular!
Jur Zandbergen, President, NRK Recycling
16.30 Closing remarks from Chair
Day Two 30 March 2017
10.20 Welcome and opening of day two from Chair
Chaired by: Clarissa Morawski, Managing Director, Reloop
10.25 Regulatory challenges to plastics recycling
Margot Auvray, Policy Co-ordinator, FEAD
10.45 Plastic; a symbol of waste, trash and pollution; can we change its image?
Roger Baynham, Chairman, BPF’s Recycling Group
11.05 Reaching recycling targets: the need to use the 'difficult to-recycle' streams
Lucie Charbonnel, Marketing Leader - Recycling & Industrial Segments, DuPont Performance Materials
11.25 What is the role of energy in waste management?
Ms Lighea Speziale, Technical and Scientific Officer, CEWEP (Confederation of European Waste-to-Energy
11.45 Innovative solutions: reduce maintenance and downtime for recyclers
Samuele Nipoti, Technical Engineer, CMG 
12.05 Discussion session: What is the future for Producer Responsibility schemes throughout Europe?
Chaired by: Antonino Furfari, Managing Director, Plastics Recyclers Europe
Françoise Bonnet, Secretary General, Association of Cities and Regions for Recycling and Sustainable Resource Management (ACR+)
Joachim Quoden, Managing Director, EXPRA
Dominic Hogg, Chairman, Eunomia
Clarissa Morawski, Managing Director, Reloop
Chaired by: Jim Armstrong, Managing Director, Kermadec
12.35 Scaling the recycled plastics eco-system – an OEM perspective
Jason Ord, Director, Environmental Responsibility; Europe, Middle East, Africa, Hewlett-Packard
12.55 Getting consumers to collect more; countries learning from each other
Arn Malef, Area Operations Manager, FostPlus
13.15 EdelweissCompounding - the efficient approach to produce high-quality compounds from plastic waste
Carl P. Pöpel, Product Manager Twin-screw Extruders, KraussMaffei Berstorff
13.35 Best practice in recycling: Purification of PETflake streams with laser spectroscopy
Jan Mayer, Business Development Manager, UNISensor Sensorsysteme GmbH
13.55 Finding markets for recycled materials – getting them into higher value products
Dr Manica Ulcnik-Krump, Head of R&D BU recycledresource, INTERSEROH Dienstleistungs GmbH Alba
14.15 Inline Melt Characterization of rPellets – Adding value to recycling
Daniel Szymanek, Area Sales Manager, NGR Next Generation Recycling Machines
Dl Gernot Schaffler, Product Management, NGR Next Generation Recycling Machines


Chaired by Paolo Glerean, Board Member, Plastics Recyclers Europe
14.35 Recylass tool - helping to develop more recyclable plastic packaging
Paolo Glerean, Board Member, Plastics Recyclers Europe
14.55 Development of functional barriers for the use of recycled materials in multilayer food packaging
Enrique Moliner, Sustainability and Industrial Recovery, AIMPLAS (Plastics Technology Centre)
15.15 Blue sky thinking: marine litter–a look at the process of trying to recover it
Stephanie Maes, Project Manager, Waste Free Oceans
15.35 The reality and current status of mechanical recycling and critical requirements in order to achieve European recycling
Jean-Marc Van Maren, Founder, Van Maren Systems
15.55 Chairman’s closing remarks and finish



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